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Andy Holmes, double Olympic champion (GBR M4 1984 and M2- 1988), died last night in intensive care, after being ill for a week with what's thought to have been leptospirosis, aka Weil's disease.This is a waterborne infection transmitted via the urine of many animals (included mice, rats, voles, otters, and it can be caught by dogs).

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Calendar organizer Sophie Bell told The Huffington Post that the team's Facebook page had received numerous complaints regarding images from the 2013 calendar, before the page was temporarily deleted this week.

GRC Summer Regatta Results Hi Folks, This years GRC Summer Regatta was a great success, we had an enjoyable and busy day culminating in the mayhem that was the GRC Super Sprints race where we had 15 boats on a 3 lane 250m course at the same time…

We will be updating this post with pics in the near future.

We came from such different backgrounds—Sally Fisher from a conservative small town in Connecticut; Elaine Mathies from the puddles of Portland, Oregon; Cathy Pew from a fabled Philadelphia oil family, whose wealth she did her best to ignore; me from urbane and sophisticated New York, where the doorman shoveled the sidewalk when it snowed (Lynn “Bakehead” Baker, hailing from the snowy Midwest and a family on a tight budget, never let me live down my request to shovel the boathouse dock one day after a snowstorm, a novel challenge for me)—yet when it came to practice, we were unite in our sense of purpose and refusal to be bested by the daily posted instructions or by each other.

The companionship and competitiveness of fellow rowers are as fundamental to success as oars to boat speed: there is nothing like the edge created by training companions who are slogging through the same workouts and trying their hardest to score the best running times, erg scores, stair-climbing speeds, circuit repetitions, and lifting maximums.

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