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Chowdry said: ‘He drives on his own and is a one-man-band.

His Range Rover is full to the brim with equipment, musical instruments, clothes and outfits.’ He added that Gareth drives 5,000 promoting his health drink with Holland & Barrett alone.

There are times I should maybe be stricter but she’s definitely my little princess.

I made the mistake of giving her the password a few months ago and I had a bill for like £200. During half term she stayed with me in Edinburgh – we visited Edinburgh Castle and viewed the sights.

From a very young age, my dad drummed into me that you get out of this world what you put in.

I had an amazing time with her last weekend and saying bye always chokes me up a little. Elton John’s Candle In The Wind – the rewritten version for Princess Diana.

Not a lot of people know this but I’m very good at… I’ve struggled terribly with my speech all my life and when I was eight, I learned I could sing. I’ve known him about 15 years, he’s great and we have a lot in common. At the time, Gareth and Faye, 24, were starring in a touring production of together and were rumoured to have grown close.But Gareth insisted that the end of his three-year marriage to Suzanne was because they had "grown apart".I think she definitely wants to follow my footsteps. We’re both big fans of Disney films, from all the classics that were out when I was a kid Beauty and the Beast right through to modern day stuff like Frozen.I’ve also got her playing instruments, she plays the piano and started recently on the guitar. And all the Pixar movies like Despicable Me – all those kid’s films that adults are able to enjoy as well. When she was young I introduced her to more unusual foods, so she loves eating sushi and olives, the sort of foods that children would usually turn their noses up at. I’m really not lying when I say this but she’s very, very rarely naughty – she’s a really well behaved child. Dr Ranj says: In reality, most of us can get everything we need by eating a varied, balanced diet.

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