Us muslim dating

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If you've been on the dating scene for any length of time, you know that Muslim dating comes with its own set of rewards, challenges and obstacles.

This is especially true if your busy life doesn't include a lot of time for meeting other Muslim singles, or if you live somewhere where finding a Muslim dating scene is challenging at best and impossible at worst.

The reason for this is that Muslim priorities are long-term and originate from God.

Of course anyone else who is looking to settle down will have that in common with Muslims.

Your friends and family will be able to advise you about what to do in certain situations, how to get through a tough fight, and they’ll also be able to provide you with an objective view of what your partnership looks like from a third-party’s view.

This can help you determine how healthy and successful your relationship is and will be in the future.

However, you should also keep in mind to take everything with a grain of salt.Yet, things like physical connections outside of marriage, 'experimenting' or having a 'fling' don't exist in Islamic ethics.Things like self-preservation, discipline and protection, do.There are many resources out there that you can reach out to in order to get the help that you need to build a successful and loving relationship with your significant other. Your Friends and Family This is a option, but it is not the best option.If your friends and family are individuals who truly care about you and your well-being and if they are familiar with companionship, then you should give asking them a try.

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