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Supermac’s asked the EU regulator that this take effect immediately on the basis that Mc Donald’s is engaged in "trademark bullying; registering brand names "which are simply stored away in a war chest to use against future competitors"."This means that if any Mc Grath, Mc Carthy or Mc Dermott with a business idea uses their name in the title of that business or product the chances are Mc Donald's already own the trademark and you can probably expect a knock on the door from them," Supermac’s Managing Director Mc Donagh told It was a heartbreaking end for the soft-spoken Californian who years ago fell out with his old bandmates after he sued them over the rights to royalties — and was then excluded from Fleetwood Mac’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.The band’s singer Stevie Nicks said his death was ‘devastating’, hailing ‘an amazing guitar player, he was funny, sweet and he was smart’.Since their movie tickets are also inside the room, Veronica goes inside, trying her best to avoid interrupting Parker's "activities", gets the tickets, and leaves.That night, she stays in Mac's dorm room as she is too drunk to drive.In February, Mc Donald’s hit the family-owned company with a 41-page objection against its plans to use the Supermac’s name in Europe stating that it would "take unfair advantage of the distinctive character and repute of" trademarks previous won by the global restaurant giant.The US firm partly based its objection on already secured trademarks for its products such as the ‘Big Mac’ and ‘Chicken Mc Nuggets’, claiming introducing Supermac’s into the market would cause confusion.

Mr Mac Donagh said that Mc Donald’s has trademarked the Snack Box which is one of Supermac’s most popular products and said the product is not actually offered by the US company.

Parker's parents immediately arrive to take her home, stating that they knew this would happen and that Parker is not fit to live on her own as an adult.

Both Mac and Veronica are taken aback by their negative attitude in general and especially the lack of sympathy they demonstrate over their daughter's rape and the visual humiliation of her shaved head.

He then stomps off into the auditorium, pausing only to smash his head against a wall until blood pours from his face.

Refusing to come on stage, he spends the show heckling the band from the audience as they struggle to play without him.

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