Required field validator not validating

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Brendan Hello Brendan, The default behaviour of the Validator control is to to fire validation on postback.

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none of the solutions work for me neither on single nor multiple ui-select latest version. It will work only once you select and remove any element. this ng required validation work first time perfectlly but once first select and then remove the element then ng-required validation didn't worked. i found the issue if your all element is selected default in modal it will not for that i have put the fix in your custome Model Ctrl.$is Empty = function (model Value) ; @gsf-greece I try version 0.11.1 and still not working so I go back to version 0.9.9, because, initially, my project use 0.9.9, then use the method posted above and finally got it works. The patch is not working for ui-select version 0.11.2 I forked a preview here: EFh18tlc KP1Yen?

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