Chronic fatigue syndrome dating potassium argon dating advantages and disadvantages

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I wonder if I could possibly be the first victim of a new disorder. It's the whole point and hopefully last, joyful blog entry ever to this "Diary of a Mad, Single Woman." I think the discovery of my new ailment may actually have inspired some pretty radical behavior on my part.

I'm thinking I've developed "Chronic Dating Fatigue." Symptoms of Chronic Dating Fatigue, or CDF, include, but are not limited to, carpal tunnel pain and hyperventilation upon the receipt of text messages, lack of the ability and/or care to respond to messages like "Wat up, baby? " (or in my more specific case, "I want you to buy me a tattoo"), a feeling of angst towards several members of the opposite sex for apparently no reason other than their gender, purchasing a closet full of endless date-worthy clothing options with no actual dates, and a general sense of bitterness, with having had the thought of throwing in the towel or "How bad would life be if I never met anyone? Patients can suffer from symptoms anywhere from one week to the rest of their entire lives, in which case they will die a long, slow, painful, lonely death. I've almost decided that I'm wiping the slate clean.

Several months later, the person’s CFS symptoms had disappeared.

A small, one-year trial in 2011 found that two-thirds of those who received rituximab experienced relief, compared with none of the control group.

The latest study implicates the immune system, at least in some cases.And truthfully, whoever wants to go, let them, because we need a very strong ,patient type character.My ex would become impatient with me and that put me on constant edge which was more exhausting, so I had to walk away, if they cant add to your life, or make it in some way easier, forget it, your better off in the end.It’s not uncommon for CFS patients to face several mischaracterizations of their condition, or even suspicions of hypochondria, before receiving a diagnosis of CFS.The abnormalities identified in the study, published Oct.

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