Bgi creditors liquidating trust

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Jay Teitelbaum, Esq., TEITELBAUM & BASKIN, LLP, White Plains, New York, For Appellants: Bruce Buechler, Esq., Bruce S. INTRODUCTION This dispute arises from the chapter 11 bankruptcy cases of Borders Group, Inc. [1] Eric Beeman, Jane Freij, and Robert Traktman (“Appellants”), holders of unused Borders gift cards, appeal from an order of bankruptcy judge Martin Glenn permitting a second interim distribution under the Plan (the “Second Distribution Order”). 8001(f)(3)(A) (“A request for certification shall be filed, within the time specified by 28 U.

Goldstein, Esq., KRISLOV & ASSOCIATES, LTD., Chicago, Illinois. § 158(d)(2), with the clerk of the court in which the matter is pending.”).

See In re Drexel Burnham Lambert Grp., Inc., 151 B. On August 14, 2012, the Court in a reported decision denied the motions of certain holders of the Borders' consumer gift-cards to (1) file untimely proofs of claim based on the amounts remaining on their gift-cards and (2) enter an order certifying a class of all holders of Borders' gift-cards. The Court established June 1, 2011 as the deadline for each person or entity to file a proof of claim based on claims that arose on or prior to the Petition Date (the "General Bar Date"). On January 4, 2012, two individuals holding Borders Gift-Cards (the "Gift-Card Claimants" or "Claimants") filed motions for leave to file untimely proofs of claim against the Debtors (the "Late Claim Motion") (ECF Doc. On January 9, 2012, those two individuals and one additional gift-card holder who did not file a motion for leave to file a late claim filed a motion to certify a class on behalf of all gift-card holders (the "Class Action Motion") (ECF Doc. In the Late Claim Motion, the Claimants alleged they were not provided adequate notice of the Bar Date from publication in The New York Times. The Court approved the notice of the General Bar Date and deemed the notice adequate and sufficient if served by first class mail on, among others, "all known creditors and other known holders of claims" (the "Bar Date Order") (ECF Doc. The Bar Date Order also directed the Debtors to publish notice of the General Bar Date once, in the national edition of The New York Times, at least twenty-eight days before the General Bar Date. On December 21, 2011, the Court entered an order (the "Confirmation Order") (ECF Doc. The Claimants argued that they were "known" creditors that should have received actual notice of the General Bar Date. 4671-AH, Creditor Uptown Goldblatts Retail, LLC, Creditor Chicago Title Land Trust Company as Trustee under Trust No. P., Creditor Burleson ISD, et al., Creditor Norman Center II Associates, Creditor Harrisport Associates, Creditor Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, Creditor Public Service Company of New Mexico, Creditor Potomac Electric Power Company, Creditor Florida Power & Light Company, Creditor Entergy, Creditor Delmarva Power, Creditor Central Maine Power Company, Creditor Atlantic City Electric, Creditor The Cafaro Related Entities, Creditor North Coventry Water Authority, Creditor North Coventry Municipal Authority, Creditor Trends International, Inc., Creditor Oracle America, Inc., Creditor The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Creditor Tigris Woods, LLC d/b/a The Stores at Riverwoods, Creditor Goodman Management, LLC, Creditor PA Dept of Revenue, Creditor Kukui Marketplace SPE, Inc., Creditor Serota Brooktown III, LLC, Creditor Owners and Landlord of Property Located at 2925 El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA, Creditor Loja Pleasant Hill, LLC, Creditor Cirqua, Customized Water, Creditor Gemini Property Management, LLC, Creditor Northway Group, L. C., Creditor Novi Town Center Investors LLC, Creditor Pike Street Investors, LLC, Creditor ASM Capital, L. P., Creditor Lennox National Account Services, Creditorc/o Karon Y. P., Creditor JHH Midtown Leasehold Owner LLC, Creditor Trends International LLC, Creditor Multnomah County Oregon, Creditor Quaker Crossing, LLC, Creditor California Taxing Authorities, Creditor Columbia California Venture Industrial, LLC, Creditor QC Outparcel, LLC, Creditor Staples Inc., Creditor Modern Woodmen of America, Creditor Gardiner Lane Development Corporation, Creditor Staples the Office Superstore East, Inc., Creditor Capital Land Company, Creditor Epsilon Data Management, LLC, Creditor Main Street Commons Limited Partnership, Creditor Rep Net, LLC, Creditor Safeco Insurance Company of America, Creditor James P. P., Creditor City of Burleson, Burleson ISD, City of Colleyville, City of Grapevine, Grapevine-Colleyville ISD, Creditor Arlington Highlands, Ltd., Creditor Chicago Title Land Trust Company as Trustee under Trust No. XI, Creditor Dempsey Assets Limited, Creditor State Of Michigan, Department Of Treasury, Creditor Camelot LLC, Creditor CPBP-VII Associates, L.

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