Affleck ben dating garner jennifer

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"Nothing is going to change from the past two years, other than that he will be living in a separate house nearby."As for his former wife of 10 years, Garner is "very supportive and they remain very amicable and friendly," the source added.

"They really want the kids to continue with their same routine and have assured them that that's not going to change.The Hollywood stars, who have remained on great terms since their split, are alleged to have not started to think about dividing their assets until now as they were attempting to make things work.Calling it quits: Jennifer Garner finally filed for divorce from Ben Affleck last week following a lengthy separation, and it has now been claimed the actor is 'ready to move on' and is taking positive steps to do so The site claims their divorce could take over six months due to the amount of property they share.She was very easygoing with the whole thing and they both want what's best for each other." According to the insider, Ben even consulted with Jen on where he would be living and made sure that she felt the kids would be happy there.Of course, their two daughters, Violet and Seraphina, and their son Samuel continue to be their main priority, "They didn't want to alarm the kids or have them feel like Ben was leaving, so he has slowly moved out over time.

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